Travel Trouble

At some point during my extensive East Coast travels, I lost sight of my favorite concealer. Not only did it magically match my skin tone exactly, the consistency of it was perfect for touch ups in awkward places- aka my car, while driving. The thing is, I have a strange attachment to inanimate objects. You would think this only applies to things that are supposed to look like living things, such as doe-eyed stuffed animals, but, no, I form a bond with any object that I come in contact with daily, such as the aforementioned concealer. Anywho, the loss at least inspired me to list the beauty products that I would also be sad to see go and perhaps you too will form an unconventional relationship with them.

I have used this moisturizer for 5 years now. It’s basically just awesome.

Due to my sister scaring the bejesus out of me every time we are relatively near sunlight about premature aging, I have switched to this moisturizer for daytime use.

I recently bought this eyeliner at Walgreens for $12 and was reluctant to share my raving review of it here because I was never a sharer and enjoy the idea of being the sole owner of something kick-ass. Nevertheless, the good samaritan in me that appears every other year prodded me to spread the wealth. The liner is as dark as it is in the jar, easy to apply, and is the one step trick to looking put together.


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