Topshop Review


Summer’s drawing to an end and that’s usually the time I reflect on what I’ve achieved, if anything, during the past relaxed 3 months. I traveled a bit and though I should be most fond of all the foreign sights and sounds I got to take-in, I feel pretty pleased that I finally got to go to Topshop. I’ve adored it from afar via their website for awhile so my first thought when I stepped into Heathrow was that I had to get to the nearest Topshop and get the full experience. Well, it’s a lot like H&M in that there’s a chaotic amount of clothes but there’s way more variety. It also has pieces that are like those in H&M that are almost perfect except for some random detail or bad cut, except at Topshop they are perfect. I wanted to stock up but since the dollar to pounds ratio is depressing, I picked up a few essentials. When I got back to the motherland I knew I couldn’t do without a few more pieces so I bit the bullet and ordered 2 more tops, including a corset-styled t-shirt that I now can’t live without. As you can tell, I was smitten with Topshop so if you ever find yourself in London, take time to take a gander.


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