Quick One

Just wanted to give a shout-out to the websites I couldn’t function without. Seriously, these improve the quality of my life.

The Cut

Snarky, sexy, scintillating. I sound like I’m coming on to this site. All awkward inter-dimensional advances  aside, this is your go to place for fashion and culture related news. 

Shop Style

This is the holy grail of online shopping sites. You can either search for a brand, a specific item, or a type of item (like studded boots) and it will scour the web for you and show you where to buy said items. Too amazing.

Life Hacker

Okay, maybe a bit dorky but you can’t imagine the amount of surprisingly helpful things you don’t know about the internet, your own computer, and the technology we depend upon.

Kingdom of Style

Seriously, Queen Michelle is the shiz. She takes chances like it’s her occupation. Though I don’t believe I could ever pull off such daring dressing, it is really inspiring (argh. starting to hate this word due to sheer overexposure) to see her work those zany outfits.


Hard to really sum up this website. It’s got a little bit of a neo-feminist tinge, but I just frequent it cause it’s funny and sharp as hell.


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