Elizabeth and James Knuckle Ring

All my needs, wants, and desires for a knuckle ring have been fulfilled by this Elizabeth and James version. It’s so damn minimalist and chic that it almost justifies its ridiculous price tag. Almost. And, no worries, I have no intention of becoming a hand model anytime soon. The internet was majorly lacking in pictures of the ring.

btw: I purchased it at intermix.com

UPDATE: It seems as though every shop has run out of this ring, I did buy it more than a year ago. I scoured the web searching for another source, but to no avail. However, Robert Lee Morris’ (the designer who collaborated with the twins on their jewelry line) own jewelry collection has some cool, elongated rings, including a small knuckle ring. Check it out here: Robert Lee Morris Knuckle Ring

Also, Shopbop has a great selection of large rings with the cool, downtown vibe of the Elizabeth and James one. You might also try searching for “knuckle ring” on Shopstyle and see if you like any of those options.

Hope that helps!


7 Responses to “Elizabeth and James Knuckle Ring”

  1. jennnifer ramos Says:

    Love it…I also bought one from Intermix .

  2. Jamie Says:

    I ADORE this ring! And EVERYWHERE is SOLD OUT! Intermix, chickdowntown, revolve. do you have any idea where else i could find this magical piece?

  3. Jamie Says:

    Thanks! The hunt continues…

  4. Anna Says:

    Wanna sell it to me? (A)

  5. Aude Says:

    If there are any ladies that are still searching for this beautiful ring in either sterling or the brass, please head on over to Rilee & Lo, http://www.rileeandlo.com/product.aspx?i=17162&c=54&pp=8&sb=0&p=1

    They are an awesome jewelry boutique out in LA. I had requested if they were planning on carrying this ring and Johanna (the sweetest manager) was kind enough to special order them.

    Hopefully, some very lucky ladies will finally have a chance to own this ring. I’m so happy with mine. It’s stunning and was definitely worth the investment!

  6. Asha Says:

    Always been obsessed w/antique & tribal jewelry and made an armor knuckle style ring for my collection! Available in 3 finishes!


  7. Michelle Says:

    Found a very similar looking ring at a great price at http://www.trendtogo.com/Sterling-Silver-Knuckle-Cover-Ring-p/jsf3636r.htm

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