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Elizabeth and James Knuckle Ring

April 24, 2010

All my needs, wants, and desires for a knuckle ring have been fulfilled by this Elizabeth and James version. It’s so damn minimalist and chic that it almost justifies its ridiculous price tag. Almost. And, no worries, I have no intention of becoming a hand model anytime soon. The internet was majorly lacking in pictures of the ring.

btw: I purchased it at

UPDATE: It seems as though every shop has run out of this ring, I did buy it more than a year ago. I scoured the web searching for another source, but to no avail. However, Robert Lee Morris’ (the designer who collaborated with the twins on their jewelry line) own jewelry collection has some cool, elongated rings, including a small knuckle ring. Check it out here: Robert Lee Morris Knuckle Ring

Also, Shopbop has a great selection of large rings with the cool, downtown vibe of the Elizabeth and James one. You might also try searching for “knuckle ring” on Shopstyle and see if you like any of those options.

Hope that helps!


Currently Obsessed With: Forever 21 Bathing Suits

March 31, 2010

They’re cute, they’re staggeringly cheap, and they come in a plethora of colors/prints. I’m extremely picky about my bathing suits (but who isn’t?) but on a whim I decided to try a few on in Forever 21. Upon entry into the dressing room I had very low expectations, but upon exit my faith in Forever had been restored. I loved the bright, neon colors and the suits actually fit well. I’m also not usually the type to wear a string halter top but these provide enough support. Below are the two I picked up. And, though this is a very rare occurrence, the bathing suit looks better on than on the model. Who told her thrusting her hips out in every pose was a good idea? Has she never seen an episode of ANTM?? Janice Dickinson would not have been happy with those disappearing arms. At least she’s smiling with her eyes…

Another Brick in the Wall

December 16, 2008


This picture sums up my life right now. Rockstar is single-handedly getting me through this redonkously awful finals season. I did, however, get a little break yesterday and trekked to the XYZ bar at the W Hotel for a Launch SF Sample Sale Party with my friend Nancy. We went to cover the event for our campus fashion magazine’s blog and while I did my job, I also snuck in some shopping. There were tons of Indie labels with discounted merchandise, so it was too tempting not to. Got to pick up the little gem below, which is by Nous Savons. Man, this entry is all linked out. I’m really not getting paid by these people to promote them, I swear- a quick gander at my bank account would prove that.


Steep Studs

December 12, 2008

Want these?


(Gucci Babouska Studded Booties $995. These shoes are actually much better looking in person than online. But dropping one grand on something that I surely won’t wear as often as I would like to think I would is no good. )


Then get these..

picture-11(BCBGirls “Dana 2” Bootie $129)


But do not, under any circumstance, buy these..

picture-13(Jeffrey Campbell “Serious Bootie” $190…I’m not providing a link because I want to make the world a more beautiful place. Even though they’re called the “serious bootie,” no one will take you seriously if you wear them.)

Quick One

December 10, 2008

Just wanted to give a shout-out to the websites I couldn’t function without. Seriously, these improve the quality of my life.

The Cut

Snarky, sexy, scintillating. I sound like I’m coming on to this site. All awkward inter-dimensional advances  aside, this is your go to place for fashion and culture related news. 

Shop Style

This is the holy grail of online shopping sites. You can either search for a brand, a specific item, or a type of item (like studded boots) and it will scour the web for you and show you where to buy said items. Too amazing.

Life Hacker

Okay, maybe a bit dorky but you can’t imagine the amount of surprisingly helpful things you don’t know about the internet, your own computer, and the technology we depend upon.

Kingdom of Style

Seriously, Queen Michelle is the shiz. She takes chances like it’s her occupation. Though I don’t believe I could ever pull off such daring dressing, it is really inspiring (argh. starting to hate this word due to sheer overexposure) to see her work those zany outfits.

Hard to really sum up this website. It’s got a little bit of a neo-feminist tinge, but I just frequent it cause it’s funny and sharp as hell.

Another Sad Face

November 16, 2008


My favorite male model Luke Worrall is suspected of being engaged to Kelly Osbourne (shudder). I think a moment of silence (admittedly a very brief, utterly shallow one) is in order for the loss of such a handsome mug to such an unhandsome union.

Dream a Little Dream

November 16, 2008


If I had enough money..or even a steady source of income my winter wardrobe would solely consist of these items. That’s right, I’d wear that feather skirt out till I looked like one of those slightly crazed old fashiony ladies whose every garment is frayed.

Btw, the Forever 21 look-alike of the Alexander Wang below (sad face not included) that I was so shamelessly eager to buy was not so enticing in real life as it was online. The size small was very large and the silhouette would transform anyone into a potato sack.


On Cloud Nine

November 2, 2008

For some reason I have this fondness for things that are cocoon like (a desire I’m sure Freud would have a heyday with). So you could imagine how psyched I was to find that I could turn my bed into a cocoon/cloud/hut thing with this quirky design aptly named “Celeste Sky Bed” by Kris Van den Berghe.

Can I Haz Ur Style?

November 1, 2008

via face hunter


October 28, 2008

Eek. These shoes look like a world of pain.

via Jak and Jil