Fendi Future

September 27, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld has made my heart go pitter patter once again. Here are just a few of my favorite looks from the Fendi RTW Spring 09 show. Seems as though the line was trying to lend the audience not just an insider view into trends for the Spring but what we’ll be wearing in the far far future. I loved the rendering of bold architectural shapes in flouncy, ethereal fabrics. My only qualm was with the belts with the distracting large oval cutouts (2nd to left pic). If someone was standing in front of me with one of those on, I don’t think I could resist poking them through it. Yes, it’s true, I am 5 years old.


Growing Jewelry?? Affirmative

September 24, 2008

I’m kinda surprisingly in love with this. To the point where I would wear it everyday and work my green thumb as hard as I could to keep it alive. I keep having visions of sucker punching someone with those brass- or rather grass- knuckles and instead of flooring them, I would cause a rainbow to sprout out of their nose and world peace to be obtained. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like these are for sale but you can swoon over them here.

Hot Mama

September 24, 2008

And no, I am definitely not talking about Sarah Palin. All awe belongs to the one and only Tina Fey, who looked radiant is this gorgeous, form-fitting David Meister dress at the Emmy’s.

Trembling Fallen Shadowy Prada Blossoms

September 16, 2008

I enjoyed Prada’s last animated feature, Trembled Blossoms, but I can’t say as much for their latest installment, Fallen Shadows. Yes, both titles are creepy and ambiguous, and well so are the plot lines. But at least in Trembled Blossoms the story made sense in the context of a psychedelic materialistic dreamland. Though I appreciate the Dali-esque look of Fallen Shadows, overall it’s pretty incomprehensible. But perhaps it’ll make some sense to you?


September 6, 2008

Charlotte Russe, $27

I would like to have these. Actually, that’s an understatement. I need these. On my feet. Preferably now. I never got into the whole bootie trend that took over last season and seems to still be going strong but for these shoes I will make an exception. This is mainly due to my fondness for another trend- the exposed zipper. In a month or two I know I’m going to see it everywhere, which will wear off the novel excitement of it and therefore my love for it (isn’t that how love works?) but until then it’s my mission to saturate my wardrobe with zippered accents.

Lager Love

September 6, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld, in regards to a reporter at the Chanel couture show: “I said, ‘I’m sorry, you’ve got to tell this woman that she needs to be taken away. Her smell is not possible.’” (nymag.com)

Ok, just to be clear, I know Karl Lagerfeld is slightly insane but, as one of my astute friend recently noted, who doesn’t love crazy? His somewhat irrational and unapologetic honesty makes me joyful, which I suppose says something about me, but in the spirit of Mr. Lagerfeld, I could care less. For awhile I pined for the teddy bear made in his sullen likeness but then was put off by the thought of it monotonously critiquing the way I cuddled it. Not to mention $1500 price tag.

DVF= My God(dess)

September 4, 2008

Is it ridiculously sappy and a testament to the effectiveness of using celebrities in ads that I feel sentimental every time I see this ad? Oh well. The American market needs people like me right now to consume indiscriminately.

I Love the 90’s

September 3, 2008

I love the 90’s because that was the era in which I gallivanted as a tween and tripped the light fantastic to Nsync and Britney. I also love the 90’s because the Jonas Brothers did not exist. This is truly a miracle because I know if they had I would have had their cherub faces plastered all over my wall and no acts of coolness can make up for something so shameful. Listen to their new hit (above) and go crazy over the needless repetition. Or not.

Topshop Review

August 17, 2008


Summer’s drawing to an end and that’s usually the time I reflect on what I’ve achieved, if anything, during the past relaxed 3 months. I traveled a bit and though I should be most fond of all the foreign sights and sounds I got to take-in, I feel pretty pleased that I finally got to go to Topshop. I’ve adored it from afar via their website for awhile so my first thought when I stepped into Heathrow was that I had to get to the nearest Topshop and get the full experience. Well, it’s a lot like H&M in that there’s a chaotic amount of clothes but there’s way more variety. It also has pieces that are like those in H&M that are almost perfect except for some random detail or bad cut, except at Topshop they are perfect. I wanted to stock up but since the dollar to pounds ratio is depressing, I picked up a few essentials. When I got back to the motherland I knew I couldn’t do without a few more pieces so I bit the bullet and ordered 2 more tops, including a corset-styled t-shirt that I now can’t live without. As you can tell, I was smitten with Topshop so if you ever find yourself in London, take time to take a gander.

Style Steal

August 13, 2008

Though I would like to steal Leighton Meester’s entire closet, including this technicolor Chloe frock, I’m just not stealthy enough to pull something like that off. Instead I plan to head to my nearest Forever 21, purveyor of knock-offs, to purchase this $23 look-alike.